James Wilde

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James "Jim" Wilde
Title(s) Tubbius Princeps of the Church of Tubbius (Former; Deceased)
Archetype Devoted Tubbian Priest
Hair Colour Gray/Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5' 6"
Build Immensely rotund
Notable Features Excessive girth and full beard
Born Over 300 years ago (93 before the current system)
Central Amasynia
Died May 1, 217 AR
Church of Tubbius, Myrkentown, Myrken Wood
Profession Full-time Tubbian Priest
Religion Church of Tubbius


James Wilde was a moderately short, extraordinarily round man of grayed hair with hints of blonde about the ears and a jolly demeanor, originally devoted to the worship of Ploav. He eventually took on the role of second-in-command over the Church of Tubbius as established under Tobias. Due to a personal blessing given by Tobias and extended by Aloisius Treadwell, Mr. Wilde experienced an unaging manner of physical immortality; eternally resembling as he was at age eighty-five and remaining in good physical health despite his weight, he served as Treadwell's right hand in church affairs until Wilde's death at the age of 310. Prior to his death, due to the aforementioned blessings, Wilde's spirit was connected directly to the stomach of Tubbius by an enlarged, fleshy umbilical, which provided both the source of Wilde's endless lifespan and health and the reason for his having puffy Rings of Tubbius at his belly; afterward, when Wilde's ghost was absorbed into the deity, a new, identical connection was created between Tubbius and Langley Treadwell. In life, James Wilde could always be seen wearing his purple and white ceremonial attire of his church role as Tubbius Princeps. As his devotion to Tubbius was total, he wore nothing else and held no other occupation.



Born in central Amasynia near the druidic community originally devoted to Ploav, Jim was raised by the group, living among them with no outside influences until age ten, when he found an abandoned baby named Tobias outside the sanctuary where the group met. As the baby grew up, he also grew out, showing a roundness of body remarkably different from his frail colleagues, including Wilde. With the aging, teaching, and passing of Tobias ultimately came two things: the Great Shift that caused the Ploavians to give themselves fully over to the worship of Tubbius, and the immortality granted to the immensely loyal (and, by that point, immensely rotund) James Wilde by his dear friend and superior in the Church. Although not named specifically by Aloisius Buchanan Treadwell during a census report in 105 AR in Westenford, Wilde had a hand in raising Frederick Algernon Treadwell as a priest of Tubbius. Ultimately, Frederick Algernon Treadwell left the church to settle in Westenford, siring Treadwell's grandfather at age 53 in 45 AR. After Frederick Algernon's leaving, Wilde's purpose then became the singlehanded upkeep of that individual church building for much of the next two centuries as his colleagues died out or moved on, awaiting the return of his Tubbius in the form of Aloisius Treadwell in February 210 AR.

The Broken Dagger

James Wilde rarely left the church building in Myrkentown, only doing so at Treadwell's command or request. He occasionally served as his superior's voice in the other Tubbian communities, given his ability to leave Myrken Wood more easily than Treadwell.

The Present

Wilde is deceased, but in life, he was fully devoted to the Tubbian cause. It was only through the blessing of Tubbius that he remained alive and healthy; thus, he has long since given himself over to religious service and nothing else until he requested that Treadwell withdraw the blessing so that Wilde could pass on and merge his spirit with Tubbius.


Tubbius Princeps Wilde has not been part of any ongoing, channel-wide plots in Myrken Wood, although he was an integral figure in the Church of Tubbius and its related forums posts.