Percival Gree

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Percival "Percy" Templeton Gree
Title(s) Lord Tubbian of the Church of Tubbius of Colmouth
Archetype Devoted Tubbian
Hair Colour Graying Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5' 6"
Build Portly
Born August 22, 179 AR
Colmouth, Amasynia
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Profession Lord Tubbian of the Church of Tubbius of Colmouth; baker
Religion Church of Tubbius


Percival "Percy" Templeton Gree is, though still not quite middle-aged, a man who has more than inherited his grandfather's quickly graying hair, obesity, and devotion to the Church of Tubbius. On the whole, he is a jovial, though humble, man, a marked contrast to his much more severe brother and his forefathers.



Born a little more than two years after his brother, Daniel Gree III, Percival grew to match the noteworthy girth of his grandfather at roughly the same rate and age. Unlike the infamous Judge Gree, however, Percy is not using the Church as a power play or as a way to gain influence in Colmouth; in truth, of all the faithful in the town, he is very visibly and wholeheartedly at the top. This loyalty cost him significantly. His father, the late Daniel Gree II, almost cut the younger son from his will entirely, leaving a pittance to him as a sign of disgust for the son's following in the eldest Gree's footsteps. This lack of money has led to Percy's living full-time at the Church of Tubbius, working from there as a baker for both of his spiritual family and those in Colmouth who purchase food from him.

The Broken Dagger

Percival only rarely leaves the primary church building in Colmouth and ventures even less off the grounds, sending his Novices and Members beneath him to run what errands are necessary for the Church. To that end, he has no interest in visiting Myrkentown at present, although he does wish to, some day, meet His Holiness, Aloisius Treadwell, the Tubbius Regalis.

The Present

Percy lives full-time with his Tubbian family, as noted above, and sees his brother very irregularly. The two are not on bad terms, but their paths simply do not cross as they pursue their own interests.


Percival Gree is not part of any active plots at present.