Priory of Stonebrook

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The Priory of Stonebrook is the largest monastery in Diocese of Myrken Wood. It serves as home to many monks of the One True Faith as well as many other functions, such as a schoolhouse for Myrken's youth and a place of worship.

Stonebrook is not the only priory or monastic cell in Myrken Wood, however. There are many other locations of this type sprinkled around the region, including Snowstill, Bhagevant, and others.

Stonebrook sits approximately 11 miles north of Myrkentown, just off of the main fork, where the Mavour Road and the North Passage Down connect.


The Priory consists of five structures.

The first is the main building. It consists of the monks' living quarters, their dining facilities, their library, and scriptorium. It also houses the office of the Prior.

The second building is a detached kitchen, built seperately in case of fire.

The third building is for lay travellers to rest, men and women. There is also storage facilities for fleece and well as cellar space for casks of various brews and wines.

The fourth building is a school. The students vary in age, though are rarely older than 14 years old. The core of the curriculum consists of grammar, rhetoric, logic, astronomy, philosophy, mathematics, and religion. Students often sit together on the floor, scrawling notes from lessons using a bone or ivory stylus on wooden tablets coated with green or black wax.

The fifth building is St. Govlli's Chapel. It is a typical chapel in the shape of the Crusorbis. It is usually just used by the monks. Though, on the sabbath, parishioners worship there as well, standing in the nave.

The approach to the buildings is a simple dirt road set back from the North Passage Down. An expansive field for grain sits south of the road...and rows of grape line the road on the north. The hectares behind the buildings are broad, leaving plenty of room for more crop and grazing land for cattle.

Clergymen of the Priory

  • Prior Lucent Hivarin: As the head monk at the Priory of Stonebrook, Prior Hivarin is responsible for all of the monks in residence at the priory. He has also been charged by the Pontifexus to assist the Inquisitors in their efforts to bring salvation to Myrken Wood.
  • Lord High Inquisitor Tomias Gestahl: He has been delegated as an Inquisitor by Letters Apostolic of heretical pravities. He has been sent by the Pontifexus from the Archdiocese of Amasynia to the Diocese of Myrken Wood in order to seek out those who have strayed from the One True Faith and have abandoned themselves to devils, demons, witchery, and warlockery (See Myrken Purgation).
  • Brother Cletus: A young novice and assistant to Brother Thebbidus.
  • Brother Licin: He is the head cellarer for the Priory of Stonebrook. All of the priory's food and provisions, whether produced by the priory or not, are under his stead.
  • Brother Thebbidus: Historian and Almoner, Thebbidus spends his time studying and aiding the poor of Myrkentown and Foggy Bottom.
  • Brother Tin: An assistant chancellor, he spends the majority of his time in the scriptorium, copying books. His greatest interest is in the heavens and the movement of the stars.
  • Sister Loryn Sergate: Inquisitorial Assistant to Tomias Gestahl.