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Native to the British Isles, Steve is a nocturnal creature who draws his primary sustenance from caffeine and monitor radiation.

He has been roleplaying since 1996, when he was introduced to West End Games' Star Wars tabletop RPG, and hasn't looked back. He has since played a wide range of tabletop RPGs, from AD&D to Call of Cthulhu to Werewolf: the Apocalypse to Exalted to Unknown Armies. He first encountered IRC freeform roleplay at university in 1998, when he was granted access to 24-hour computer centre facilities and all the internets he could eat, much to the detriment of his sleeping habits and academic career.

Timezones and the ever-present need for sleep remain his two greatest foes.

He is a freelance artist and illustrator, and creator of the webcomics Dark Places and Dungeon Grind

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