Tom Breckenridge

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Thomas "Tom" Nathaniel Joseph Breckenridge
Archetype Addled, elderly hermit
Hair Colour Gray
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5' 7"
Build Slim and frail
Notable Features Ragged clothes; always seen wearing his floppy, brown hat
Born 137 AR
Myrken Wood
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Profession Herbalist
Religion None


Tom Breckenridge is a slight, elderly man seemingly more bones and angles than much else. He pays little attention to physical hygiene or upkeep, tending to dress in a battered, ragged, brown robe with a matching floppy, brown hat. His little remaining hair and what passes for a beard are gray and stringy, with no visible traces of their original brown. Tom's most notable feature, perhaps, is a horrendous accent that clips off at least a little from most words; even among the least literate of Myrkeners, Tom is nearly impossible for many outsiders to understand.



Born in 137 and rescued from an icy plunge into a frozen Silver Lake in 147 by his dog, Max, and by Octavius Treadwell, Tom Breckenridge has always been very much an outcast, taking after his lunatic, hermetic father, Giles. As the sole surviving Breckenridge in town, he has followed in his father's footsteps as a practicing herbalist, although with his questionable sanity and intellect, most tend to stay clear of him, seeking more reputable healers.

The Broken Dagger

Tom has made no efforts in recent years to visit much of Myrken Wood outside of his home.

The Present

Tom Breckenridge is very much inactive as a character; he stays at home away from all others, using his herbalist knowledge and minimal hunting and foraging abilities to keep himself straggling along daily.


Tom has not been affiliated with any significant plots in recent years.