#Broken_Dagger can be found on the Darkmyst IRC network. To connect you will need an IRC client. Popular IRC clients include:

Having downloaded and installed one of these clients, connect to IRC server on port 6667.

Alternatively you can use the Webchat page at


Our roleplaying channels operate on EST (UTC – 5).

    #Broken_Dagger is the main RP channel, based in the common room of the Broken Dagger inn.

    #BD_Outside covers the property belonging to the Broken Dagger inn. This land includes a lawn in front of the tavern, stables, gardens and the shore of the Silver Lake.

    #BD_Elsewhere is any other location as needed – Myrkentown, the Governor’s Meetinghouse, or further afield. Please be sure to make clear where the action is taking place when you start a scene in this channel.

    #BD_OOC is the OOC chat room for discussion of RP and general socialising.

All of these channels are considered public domain and are subject to operator moderation.