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Founded over six hundred years ago by the city fathers of Janeiro, a city near the base of the Red Hills in the province of Almark, the Brotherhood of Janeiro has gone from the civil militia of the town to a mercenary company of elite cavalry. Previous leaders include the Kerrak al'Nerun and Marshal Aeryn Karolinger.


Originally formed by the mayoral council of Janeiro, in the principality of Almark, some six hundred and fifty years ago. They were created to form the backbone of defense against the raiding bands from the Thesil meadows, and the occasional tribe of Orc that would come down from the Red Hills. They served in this capacity until the people of the Meadowlands were gathered under a single banner some hundred years later. Then they assisted in holding back the invading horde until the clash at Sesvyr, which saw the defeat of the Prince of Almark at the hands of the Thane of Meadowford. At this point, the province of Almark was annexed and added to the slowly growing kingdom.

From there they were offered entrance into the unruly army of horsemen that would eventually become the Army of the Meadowlands, adding to it a staunch force of footmen where once there was naught. They remained with the conquering armies until the First Consolidation nearly a hundred years later. By this time all but the troublesome city of Orvere and the island nation of Jaheuss had withstood the conquering forces of the Meadowlanders, and the services of the Brotherhood were no longer needed. So, the grandsons of the men who had departed with the original Brotherhood returned home, and found that they weren’t truly wanted.

Time had changed these returning men, time and conflict, and this made them feel ill at ease when they returned to their ancestral home. Collectively they had seen and participated in so much more than their kin that they would eventually pull up roots. A year after returning to Janeiro, they once again offered their services to the newly installed Baron of Almark, to serve as a mercenary company in and around the province. Since then, that is what they did. Right up until the Schism after the death of Duke Geran.

From thence they joined with the Loyalist forces that sided with the Erebus Redclaw, the Thane of Meadowford, against the Usurper-Baron Adolph Karl Wiglaf. They formed the official company sent from Almark to defend the Ducal capitol and await the return of the Heir, Burel Tassnehof, who had been sent into hiding until he was old enough to retake the throne. It was during this time the most notable members of the Brotherhood were to join. Amongst them being Kerrak al'Nerun, Jons Feul, Gerhard Karolinger and Damien Stanislav. It was also during this time that the Brotherhood separated from their roots as a company traditionally centered around the foot soldier, to a band that preferred tactical mobility and flexibility. And so, they became a company of horse.

In Myrken Wood

Captain Kerrak al'Nerun brought the Brotherhood out of a recently pacified Almark and into the territory of Myrken Wood, where he sought to help protect the troubled land from the various depredations and troubles that wrack the region. They offered their services to the Order of Straka on several occasions, assisting in the patrols that traveled the length of Giscard’s Wall, dispatching long-term sorties into the woodlands of Myrken where Straka were not prepared (or trained) to go, and assisting travelers coming through the North Passage Down and the Gilroy Pass. In general, they became part of the defence of the province, to the extent that their Captain served for a time as Councilor for Defence and Civil Security.

The Brotherhood continued to hire out their services for small skirmishes in Amasynia, Heath and Derry while their full presence was not in demand within Myrken. All this changed, of course, with the termination of the Order of Straka’s commission and contract with Myrken Wood.

Following Straka’s dissolution Kerrak installed the Brotherhood as the new primary defensive force of the region, going so far as to recruit those from the Order of Straka who still felt strongly about defending their homeland. This swelled their numbers considerably (let no one say that the stalwart members of Straka were cowards) meaning that the Brotherhood could perform all of the duties of their predecessors and more. This measure also added some legitimacy to their calling, as many of those who wore the grey and black of Janeiro previously wore the indigo of Straka.

Janeiro's presence was most heavily felt all along the Wall that circles the province, where they served as border guards. The only place that the Brotherhood had to forestall their usual patrols was in the deeper woodlands and along the throughways into other provinces.

In 207 AR the Brotherhood played a pivotal role in the Battle of Haberdasher's Row, adding their troops to a mob of malcontents and marching upon Governor Coriolanus Helstone's residence. After a confrontation with the Myrkentown Constabulary the strongly anti-Thessil Governor Helstone was forced out of office and replaced by the more tractable Altias Bromn. Relations between Myrken Wood's government and the Brotherhood deteriorated after Bromn was replaced in turn by Cinnabar Calomel, culminating in the termination of the Brotherhood's contract. Marshal Aeryn Karolinger disbanded the unit soon after.