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The Order of Straka were a group of guardsmen and women dedicated to the policing of Myrken Wood and its surrounds.


Many years ago, the Order of Straka came into being. Named for the Goddess Straka to whom its services were dedicated, the Order of Straka soon became reknowned for their devoted pursuit of peace and their swift execution of justice. But alas, times change, and with the passing of the years, the Order gradually dissipated, leaving a void in their wake that could not be filled. The lands fell into disarray, the people subject to both petty crime, and greater atrocities.

But history has a way of repeating itself. In time, the need for a new Order was recognized and before long, the Order was resurrected; a phoenix reborn from the ashes of its own demise. For a time the Order of Straka worked to impose law and order on a lawless land, but in time they were supplanted by the mercenary Brotherhood of Janeiro.


  • Captain Thomas Daniels: An honest fellow who has always given his best to his job and the Myrken people; he lost his arm in an assassination attempt, but maintains a level outlook and continues to serve.
  • Lieutenant Joshua Kilborn: One of the more prominent guards, even if not seen about the Dagger all that often. Firm head on his shoulder, and an ability to make quick decisions. Not always the most popular guardsman, is known at least to be impeccable with the fairness of his sentencings. Is decidedly unfond of politics.
  • Lieutenant Matthew Duvall: He was a prominent Lieutenant under Captain Taliaferro, and even had a shot at Captain, but after Taliaferro's resignation he became far more scarce. His past is a little shady, and he was known for the occasional illegal dealing back in his desert homeland. He is largely reformed, but isn't above using old contacts to better do his job as a guardsman. He takes the assignments that let him get out of the city, particularly if he can get out of the city for a long time.
  • Lieutenant Steven Miller: The least heard-of Lieutenant. Was also handpicked by the Captain to help guard Joseph O'Cynen against the evil Baie.
  • Weaponsmaster Tovil: Lead weaponsmaster and trainer amongst the guardsmen. Is in charge of ensuring everyone knows how to use their blade well enough not to fall on it.
  • Sergeant Learn Barrows: A patrolman. Loyalty is primary to Lt. Kilborn. Also one of the few guardsmen capable of reading and writing.
  • Sergeant Otis: A tobacco chewing, spitting, foul mouthed, smelly sort of individual. Known for an ability to find things. Known to hang out at the gaol. Enjoys taking the rounds with the cooks as they serve the prisoners' meals.
  • Sergeant John Rubrecht: Was nominated for Guard with the Loudest Voice on various occassions. Would make a great motivational speaker. Large man, quite capable and willing of getting his own hands dirty. A favoured member of the Guard.
  • Corporal Alan Tallfern: No doubt another that's overdue a promotion, though he seems particularly content in his job as Corporal. An eldery chap, that's friendly and careful. Respected for getting his fellow armsmen out of tight situations alive.
  • Private Janis Williams: A resourceful woman who's received special assignments on occassion. Is currently on the lookout for the demon drow as well. Was temporarily assigned as Joseph O'Cynen's bodyguard against The Baie.
  • Guardswoman Kerri: A patrolwoman.
  • Guardsman Raifley: Most known for being the only one of the four guardsman that took the demon drow Audmathus on at the Guardhouse and lived. An expert swordsman with cool head on his shoulders.
  • Guardswoman Ryan Spencer: Always seems to be bubbling over with enthusiasm for everything. A morale builder in that she's simply unstoppable once her mind is made up. No doubt a favourite student of Tovil's.
  • Adjunct Key Lannew: Kilborn's aide at the Guardhouse. Every Lieutenant should have an aide as dedicated and skilled as Key. Makes his difficult jobs just slightly easier.
  • Mort: A trapper/tracker occassionally employed by the guards. He has dogs named Ness, Lou, Vick, and Jessie.
  • Captain Perry Devik
  • Captain Gareth Rayin Taliaferro

An OOC Explanation

The Guards have been put in place to add atmosphere, entertainment, and realism to the channel (after all, where's the fun in playing a villain, if there's no-one around who'll try to foil your evil plans?). Players who play Guardsmen are not necessarily Operators, so their OOC word is not Law. The Order's Guards are purely an IC device and your characters will not be required in any way to deal with the Guards or the listed laws, anymore than you'd be required to interact with any other character in play. As always, it is you who has the right to decide your character's destiny; the Guard's purpose is your entertainment.