Glenn Burnie

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Glenn Burnie

Some people take immediately to Myrken Wood's atmosphere of danger, demons, and disagreements. Glenn Burnie, mapmaker and little else, is not one of them... but he is learning. Oh, he is learning.


There's not particularly much to Glenn. He is perfectly forgettable to look at, a fact that has allowed for his survival more than once. His height is just shorter than average, his weight just lighter. Black hair sits upon his head almost always managing to be both short and unkempt, a feat unto itself. He looks somewhere between twenty and twenty-three years old, and if asked, he might reply, after a pause, that he was born just over twenty years ago. Despite that statement, most assuredly true, though carefully worded, there is a definite youthfulness to his movements and body language and yet a weathered look to be found by any looking into his grey eyes. There may be a reason for that. If one was to take a good look at his skin, at his body, one would find the hints of many small, barely noticable, scars. More considerable is the heavy scarring that has recently appeared upon his collarbone, though that too is generally covered by clothing.

Glenn dresses in a rather relaxed way, very pratical with little sense for fashion. He leans towards hearty fabrics yet ones of some quality, the latter possibly having something to do with his upbringing. He's generally dressed in a way that he could travel at any time, something that might make sense considering his profession and the amount of walking that goes along with it. At almost all times, he either carries with him the long, cyllindrical, ornate container for parchment in which he keeps his work or the sturdy walking stick made for him by Aloisius Treadwell. Ever since his work has picked up, Glenn has begun to carry around a pack instead of the container, somewhat surprising considering it was, for the longest time, never off of his person.

Ever since he began working for the Calomel Regime, the quality of Glenn's clothes has been steadily improving.

As of late, Glenn is slowly but surely starting to build muscle mass, having worked for over a months in the fields with the Shepherd Knights of the Silver Staff and now doing errands at Esraeux, nominally in order to cover his room and board in both cases.


Ha, no. Not hardly. Not yet.

Arrival to Myrken Wood

Glenn arrived to Myrken Wood early in July, 207 AR. He, like many unfortunate visitors to Myrken, took up temporary residence at the Broken Dagger, where he was, even on his very first night, seen pouring over a map of the area. His attitude upon arrival was downright cowardly. He would leap under tables, behind the bar, or even jump from the second story of the Dagger the first sign of danger, all in the name of self-preservation.

Almost from the start, Glenn from a close friendship with Alastir Savoy, the two being close in age and sharing a similar class and educational background. He also received a crash course on the ins and outs of surviving in Myrken Town from Councilor Aloisius Treadwell and thus mooched many a free lunch at Tready's Toys.

In spite of the mooching, money was not hard to come by for Glenn. It seemed that mapmakers were in high demand in Myrken Wood. Within days of his arrival, he had requests for work from Councilor Treadwell, Sir Malaroth Deucalios of the Shepherd Knights of the Silver Staff and Ariane Carnath-Emory. It was after a heated round of negotiation that he accepted Ariane's work request, but only for the promise of rapier training.

The terms of the training were that he was not to become ambitious. It would be a hobby, a bit of defensive learning. No more. Such sentiment did not last long in Myrken Wood. One danger came to plague Glenn after the next, one threat after the next. The last straw came in the form of bullying from Agnieszka Kaczmarek, Ariane's former student, a result of Glenn speaking of Ariane's business with the peasant girl a bit too loudly. This bit of bullying prompted Glenn to rethink his view, to stop running, and to fight back against life, against Myrken itself. He would be ambitious. After much deliberation, Ariane agreed to continue to teach him indefinitely, to teach him more seriously, and ambition was replaced with discretion in their terms.

After finishing his assignment for Ariane, Glenn went on to work for Sir Malaroth in mapping out the area around the Order's Chapter House. During this time he would stay with the Knights and work in the fields with them every morning in order to cover his room and board (and also to increase his strength so as to be a more athletic swordsman). While not becoming great friends with Sir Malaroth, he came to respect the man a great deal and upon the completion of his work for the Knights was presented with a beautifully crafted sword.

His friendship with Alastir led to more danger. It was through Alastir's own interest in ending the threat of Teron Ashfiend, that Glenn became involved. Alastir's refusal to keep Glenn informed on what was going on prompted him to do research in the Library of Mudd. That triggered a series of events that led to the Fiend attacking him, making the matter personal for the mapmaker. From that point on, Glenn has been obsessed with getting to the bottom of the mystery of Ashfiend and the enigmatic Sin'Vraal.

Investigating the Ashfiend

Shortly before the Battle of Snowstill, Glenn left the Knights' Chapter House in order to take up residence at Esraeux, accepting an offer of lodging from Master Deost as well as a rapier from the man. During the Battle, he helped in the rescue of the kidnapped barmaid Teddi, though he engaged in no actual combat himself.

Alastir Savoy, however, HAD seen combat and it left a dark mark upon his very soul. A brutal assault by the Ashfiend had left his mind ravaged by thousands of years of memories. In his desperation to awaken his good friend, Glenn sought out the aid of Rhaena Olwak. Through her mental powers, the two travelled into Alastir's mind, eventually prompting him to awaken.

This adventure would be the start of a tight bond between Glenn and Rhaena, one that became a bit too literal not long after. The pair took to often speaking mentally through Rhaena's Skill, through the process of holding hands. However, the addictive properties of her power left Glenn's subconscious mind constantly reaching out for the veiled girl, causing listlessness and distraction. The damage done to his mind was fixed by Lamai Carver, at the cost of a permanent shield being placed around Glenn's thoughts, keeping him blocked off from Rhaena. Their budding relationship, enhanced greatly by the ability to see straight into one another's hearts was pushed back to square one.

Throughout this period, Glenn continued to try to gather information on the Ashfiend and Sin'Vraal. His resolve was enhanced due to Alastir's injuries. He had been forced to take his friend's place in the investigation. Around this time, Glenn found himself taking more and more risks in the name of those he cared about. All the while, his lessons with Ariane Emory continued and he seemed to becoming more and more of a budding swordsman every day. The investigation climaxed in Glenn, Ariane, and Rhaena riding to the far side of Silver Lake to trade questions with the Ashfiend. Information here helped Myrken's defenders learn the truth about Teron's past and about Vraal's true nature.