Myrkentown Inquisitory

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The Myrkentown Inquisitory is an independent extension of the Judiciary Council of Myrken Wood. It functions ancillary to the Myrkentown Constabulary, investigating matters of peculiar, the magical, and the occult. Its headquarters is located in Myrkentown proper along Beauregard Street and houses a significant archive of books, letters, and transcripts.


Established by Governor Glenn Burnie in 212 AR to centralize the examination of otherworldly occurrences, The Inquisitory's primary role is to deduce and prevent supernatural events through analysis and education. Investigations by the Inquisitory are conducted to gather information, recognize patterns, and identify the -- through scholarship and study -- the source of problems not immediately solvable by direct force. Members of the Inquisitory rarely engage with any potential threats on their own, but instead act as a font of information for those more suited to physically dispatching forces both mundane and inhuman.


High Inquisitor

The High Inquisitor oversees all activities of the Myrkentown Inquisitory and answers directly to the Governor as well as the Judiciary Council. The High Inquisitor is able to approve or dismiss inquisitions of greater breadth and ministers the actions of all currently-active personnel.


Inquisitors of various ranks carry out the majority of investigations performed by the Inquisitory. Inquisitors display an aptitude for deduction and research, and are regularly chosen from those in Myrkentown who excel academically or who evidence an efficient understanding of the philosophical, the abstract, or the magical. Inquisitors are expected to be able to write proficiently and maintain comprehensive notes, as well as regularly commit themselves to field operations.

Junior Inquisitors

Junior Inquisitors act under the eyes of mentors. Though they occasionally conduct inquisitions in town, they are commonly delegated internal tasks: directed research, analysis, and book-keeping. Junior Inquisitors who evince the necessary qualities of an Inquisitor may eventually be promoted.

Deputy Inquisitors

Deputy Inquisitors are hired on a temporary basis, either as contractors or volunteers, depending upon their field of expertise or their range of knowledge as it applies to ongoing investigations.

Active Employees