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The Judiciary Council forms the legislative and executive heart of Myrken Wood's government, and is comprised of an appointed selection of local independent landowners, presided over by a Governor selected from among that number. In principle the Council governs on behalf of the Trae Kelsan Crown and is answerable to the King of Trae Kelsa, but in practice it enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy. While Myrken Wood lies at the heart of the Amasynian province, the granting of expanded powers for local government was found to be necessary due to the unique range of challenges that face those who would manage the territory.


Members of the Council are expected to act in concert to manage the day-to-day affairs of Myrken Wood's government, to serve the public interest, to enact local legislation, and to see that law and order are maintained throughout the territory.

Meeting in session as the Judiciar and Grand Court of Myrken Wood, the Governor and Council oversee and deliver sentence on trials for serious crimes, and serve as a court of final arbitration for cases in which the ruling of the Petty Court has been challenged. The Grand Court also arbitrates on matters of land and property law and commercial disputes.

Current Council Posts


Myrken Defense Committee

Crown Representative

Council Secretary


Ordinary public meetings of the Judiciary Council are advertised at least one week in advance, though emergency meetings may be convened at much shorter notice. While the Council's primary concern during meetings is to resolve matters of taxation, legislation, funding and response to any troubles assailing the territory, the council is also required to set aside time to hear proposals from the citizenry. Queries are answered and concerns addressed in scheduled order, and appropriate action decided upon. Such decisions are agreed upon through popular vote by all councilors present at the meeting.

In the event that the Council is without decision, the Governor may determine an suitable course of action to address public concerns.

Official meeting minutes are recorded by Council Secretary once approved by the current Governor.


Upon the death or incapacity of a Governor the most senior of the Councilors takes the position of Interim Governor on top of his other duties.

An interim governor may serve a term of up to six months before the appointment of a man to the permanent position must be made by the remaining members of the Council. During that time the interim governor serves in all capacities as Judiciar and legal Governor of Myrken Wood. They may use the Governor's seal and sit in his chair, although this has been considered by many to be bad form.

Should the interim Governor also perish in office, the second longest-tenured Councilor takes the position for another six months.

Former Councilors

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