People of Myrkenwood

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This article refers to the political organization that bears this name. For insights into the "citizens of Myrken Wood," see Myrken Wood.

As of yet, nobody quite knows who, or what, the People of Myrkenwood are, how they are structured, or even what their agenda may be.

The organization is responsible for posting incendiary signs in and around Myrkentown and the Broken Dagger, criticizing the Judiciary Council, the Order of Straka, and the Brotherhood of Janeiro, and advocating that the middle-class and the peasantry become more self-sufficient in the face of adversity. It is not yet known if the agenda of the People is violent or peaceful, but the gruesome and symbolic content of some of the signs has recent caused Councilor Kerrak al'Nerun to instruct the Brotherhood of Janeiro to extra vigilance in the matter.

There is currently some question as to who could afford such an expense as billetting the town so thoroughly; likewise, the art on each poster is detailed enough for many to note that some talent has gone into their creation.

Their influence on Myrkentown residents cannot be denied: they've sparked conversations in taverns, shops, and public areas.


On all signs, detailed, quick-sketch art accompanies large, slightly wavering block lettering:

  • Picture: a recognizable caricature of Altias Bromn with a bold black question mark drawn beside it. Words: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? NEITHER HAVE WE.
  • Picture: a drow, thin and barbaric and slavering blood from its teeth, running a sword through a screaming baby. Nearby, men wearing Straka tabards are dicing and boozing, unaware of the plight of the child. Words: MOTHERS: THEY DO NOT CARE. THEY WILL NOT SAVE YOU.
  • Picture: Treadwell-esque figures surround a table, laughing at a jester who capers and smiles. In the background, Myrkentown burns, with women leaning out of windows bursting with flame, their mouths open in silent screams. Words: YOUR COUNCIL PLAYS AND SLEEPS / WHILE MYRKENWOOD BURNS / AT NIGHT THEY HIDE BEHIND THEIR WALLS / WE ONLY HAVE OUR FEAR
  • Picture: a family trapped on the town gallows as if it were a desert island, as all manner of horrible things encroach upon them: drow, monsters, brigands. They include a mother, father, and small son with horrified looks on their faces. The boy is holding on to the coiled rope as if to a lifeline. Words: THEY HAVE LEFT YOU TO DIE.
  • Picture: a remarkable likeness of Kerrak al'Nerun, looking rather devious, alone at the Council table; around him, the chairs that formerly belonged to other Councilors lie scattered and broken. The symbolism is obvious. Words: STRAKA WAS OURS / JANEIRO IS HIS / REST NOT / THE TIME IS NEAR / FOR THE MYRKENBORN